Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have signed in,

1. You will be taken to the ordering screen. There are several options to choose from. 
Scroll down to view more options. Read descriptions and see sample image (only available with some packages).
When you have decided on a package, choose your photos from that section. Some packages may have special instructions for selecting photos in that package. Selections will be reflected in the cart on the right of the screen.
When you are finished making your selections, review the cart and click email order. You will receive a copy of the receipt. Please call us at (246)431-0010 to ensure we've received your order. Payment MUST be made before processing of the order can start.

How do I see my photos bigger?

Mouse over the picture to see it slightly bigger. Click on the picture to have a bigger version pop-up in a separate window. (Pop-ups must be allowed for this)

Do I have to pay for each photo I order to get retouched?

If you are ordering multiple copies of the same photo, the retouching fee is only charged once per particular photo. e.g. If you are ordering a 5x7 and an 8x10 of the same photo, and want both retouched the same way, you will only incur the retouching cost once.

Can I choose what I want retouched?

Yes, the basic retouching fee is added when you select retouching. This may include simple removal of skin blemishes and fixing a stray hair. In any case, please contact us to specify exactly what you would like done so that there is no confusion.

Can I just order a Personalized Photo?

You must pay for a particular package or print size first before you can get that photo personalized. 

How do I order digital images?

Choose the "High Res Digital Image - Premium" option ONLY IF you have already spent $62 or more in packages or prints. Choose the "High Res Digital Image - Basic" option if you have NOT spent $62 or more in packages or prints. In either option select the particular image you want.

Can I split up my Package so I get some of one image and some of another?

Currently only the Package C+ allows you to have more than one image for one package. You can choose up to 3 different pictures for the C+ package package. First choose the image you want as your 8x10, next choose the image you want as your 2 5x7s and last choose the image you want as your 4 4x6s. You may order individual images separately as well using the "Single Photo Print" options further down on your order page.

Can I choose a poem for my Inspirational Portrait?

Yes, as long as the poem fits our size requirements. You may email us this information along with your name, school, graduation year and the photo ID number of the photo you want.

I want prints from my chosen digital images. How do I select that and how much would each print cost?

You may order prints from your selected digital images by going to the Photo Print size you desire and selecting the same photo as what you selected as a digital image. The cost of prints here is 16 cents per square inch. e.g. 4x6 print is 4 x 6 x 0.16 = $3.84. The price in the cart will appear higher, but once you have selected the relevant digital image before your print, we will amend your order when we receive it.

What do I do after I submit my online order?

Orders may be emailed to us or printed and brought in to the Studio. Either way, you must make a payment on your order before processing can start. 

How do I pay for my photos?

You can pay for your packages in any of six ways: 
  1. Pay at Studio Studio
  2. Pay at any First Caribbean Bank branch. Account number: 1000373942. You must give the name and email address you used on your order.
  3. Pay using internet banking once you have a First Caribbean Bank account. Account number: 1000373942. If the name on your account is different from the one used on your order, please notify us.
  4. Pay by wire transfer. Account number: 1000373942. If the name on your account is different from the one used on your order, please notify us.
  5. Pay by credit card on at Click the logo to enter the site, go to Galleries and choose "Schools Packages, Prints, Digitals". Select the package, print or digitals type you want, click the cart button under the sample thumbnail image, select the quantity and follow through with the order process. PLEASE NOTE: Your images will not be viewable on this site. You may select your photos on and then duplicate the package/print types for the order on to make the payment. Please notify us or your selection and payment.

I've submitted my order and made a payment. How long until I can collect my pictures?

As long as you have made your order within the stipulated time period for your school, your order will be available for collection on your school's graduation day. If you've made it after the given time period , it may take between 1-6 weeks.

My question is not addressed here. What do I do?

Please use the contact form on our main website Enter as much information as possible so we can quickly address the problem. Information such as school, student name, photo number, exact problem would all be useful.

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